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Pricing of Our Blueberry Plants

Commercial Price List of Blueberry Plants
(Vaccinium Corymbosum)
Bluecrop, Bluejay, Elliott, Rubel, Jersey, Blueray Brigitta,Berkeley,
Spartan, Patriot, Duke, Sierra, Nelson, Toro, Chandler, Northland.
Product Each Per 100 Per 1000
Tissue Culture Liner 2-4" 2.10 1.60 1.30
Field Ready 1 year 7-12" 2.90 2.40 2.15
2-Year-Old -12 to 18 Inches 6.75 3.60 3.30
3-Year-Old -18 to 24 Inches 7.00 3.90 3.60
Container Grown 2-Year-Old* 7.50 3.85 3.55
Container Grown 3-Year-Old* 8.75 3.99 3.75
Container Grown 4-YearOld* 9.99 8.50 7.40
*Price Quoted Includes Pot
Blueberries, About Our Blueberry Plants in Grand Junction, MI

Above prices EO.B. Grand Junction, MI 25% Deposit on order,
Balance due before delivery
1.5% Finance charge per month on accounts over 30 days

Container Plants:
Price of container plants does not include the pot. A 0.20 deposit is required for each pot. Deposit will be refunded
upon return of container·s. Plants are generally not shipped in pots because of extra weight and space. The root ball will
hold together without the pot.

Transportation Info:
Packing boxes and UPS shipping charges are prepaid by us. We will bill you at our cost. Customer shall designate
preference of shipping: UPS, UPS Air, Air Freight, Bus or Truck. Customer is responsible for any damage claims caused
by shipment. Plants become the property of the purchaser upon delivery to the transportation company and we cannot be
responsible for loss damage due to delay in transit. 3/1/2013.

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