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As it begins to ripen about three weeks after Bluecrop, Harvest season extends until mid-September. Bush is large and upright with medium-sized, good flavor berries. The bush and the berries are usually excellent and satisfactory for both hand and mechanical picking.

Fruit size is large at 60 berries per cup or 1.99 grams per berry and the quality of the fruit is very good. Berries are also firm with a dark blue color, and picking scars are small.

Plantation, Blueberry Plants in Grand Junction, MI
Lighted Plantation, Blueberry Plants in Grand Junction, MI

At maturity, it reaches heights of 4 feet with widths of the same. It is very productive often yielding over 20 pounds per bush when mature. The berries are dark blue and medium sized, and are excellent for making jams and baking because of their high sugar content.

The Patriot ranges from 4 to 6 feet in height with a consistent yield ranging from 10 to 20 pounds of fruit. It ripens about July 5th in the Grand Junction area producing tight clusters of fruit that is large and firm with small, dry recesses scars.

Bushes yield 8 to 10 pounds per bush with long clusters of small fruit, approximately 132 berries per cup. Berry quality is firm with a medium picking scar, very good flavor, and light blue in color.

This is a Highbush type cultivar but it is an inter-specific hybrid of four species; 1 diploid, 1 tetraploid, and hexaploids. Bush height is 4 to 5 feet at maturity, growth is upright, and the plants are extremely vigorous.

Plants are vigorous, productive, upright, and in open growth habit, that are well adapted for machine harvesting. The fruit is firm, large, and light blue with very good flavor. Its berries are some of the largest of all varieties.

This is highbush type cultivar with a height of 5 to 7 feet. Plants are vigorous and grow upright in stature. The name "Toro" reflects the strong, stocky stricture of the plant.

Yield of Toro is extremely consistent and the fruit buds and wood seem to be tolerant to fluctuating winter temperatures. Fruit size is medium yielding about 75 berries per standard cup.

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