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Blueberry Plantation & Delicious Blueberries in Grand Junction, Michigan

Grow a multitude of delicious blueberries in Grand Junction, Michigan, with our clean, comprehensive blueberry plantation. Barwacz Farm offers you the chance to own your very own blueberry plant at an affordable price.

New - Aurora
Aurora has the latest ripening time of Northern varieties, slightly later than Elliot. Berries ripen over three to four pickings and are about 20% larger than Elliot on average.

New - Liberty
Also late season, these are slightly upright spreading with long, drooping fruiting laterals. Medium-large, very firm sky blue fruit, they are also a cross between Elliot and Brigitta, and its berries detach easily from the branch.

New - Draper
Draper berries appear to have a long shelf life. Exceptionally firm, consistently large, light blue berries make this mid-season pre-Bluecrop a consistent producer. Fruit ripening is noticeably concentrated making it a good choice for machine adaptability.

The leading early variety of Michigan, the blueberry begins to ripen about July 15th in the South Haven, Michigan area. The bush is hardy and productive, and the berries are medium-large, firm, bright blue and features excellent picking scar.

Bluejay ripens 5 to 7 days before Bluecrop. The plants are vigorous and upright, and it has an exceptional ability to retain fruit on the bush without losing quality. The berries are firm, medium-size and light blue.

Tissue Cultured Plant Testing, Blueberry Plantation, Delicious Blueberries in Grand Junction, MI
Blueberry Plant, Blueberry Plantation, Delicious Blueberries in Grand Junction, MI

Blueray ripens a few days after the Bluecrop and stands 4 to 6 feet at maturity with upright growth. Yield is consistent with tight clusters, large fruit, and small picking scar. Berry quality is firm and bright blue.

Brigitta Blue
Developed in Australia from a cross of Lateblue and Bluecrop, it is the perfect choice for late ripening slightly before Elliot. Another admirable quality is its exceptional fresh shelf life of up to six weeks in a proper controlled atmosphere.

With a ripening time similar to Jersey, plants of Chandler are vigorous, grow upright, are well branched, and are consistently productive in areas with mild winters. Berries are large with weights averaging 2.4 grams compared to Bluecrop with 1.9 grams over berry.

Duke variety ripens similarly to Spartan or Patriot. Its height is about 4 to 6 feet and its yield is consistently high. The fruit size is medium and is high-quality and firm.

Elliot's are upright, winter hardy, and consistently productive. The fruit is born in loose clusters and is firm, light blue, medium-size with a good, mild flavor. It appears to be well adapted to mechanical harvesting as most of the ripe fruit is removed from the bush with only the immature fruit yet attached.

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